There Are 2 Diving Flags In Use, The A Or Alfa Flag And The Purple

Dive+FlagThe purple and white diving flag is a common sight in North America however just isn’t commonly seen elsewhere. Its meaning is also less exact. The alpha flag is a white and blue flag with a triangular notch on the free finish. The left facet of the flag is white and the suitable aspect of the flag is blue. The alpha flag is recognized internationally and serves a special goal from the red-and-white flag. The alpha flag is flown by a boat every time the mobility of the vessel is restricted. Different watercraft should acknowledge that the boat can’t transfer shortly, and will yield the best-of-strategy to a vessel flying an alpha flag.

By no means clip the reel to your buoyancy compensator or dive gear when it is hooked up to a dive flag because you threat turning into entangled within the line or dragged along behind a flag snagged by a ship. Divers who’re utilizing a dive flag should also carry a line-reducing machine to cut the line in case of entanglement. Lastly, all dive flags should be stiff sufficient to stay unfurled and visible without the wind.

In observe, one is more prone to see a crimson and white flag than a blue and white flag for pleasure scuba divers in Canada and the US where it is widely recognized. Elsewhere on this planet the Worldwide Alfa flag is well known and must be flown, it is normally the legislation to do so anyway. Adding the pink and white flag does no hurt and is not normally prohibited. In case you are diving in a rustic the place you aren’t aware of the custom and legislation, ask an area dive shop. If in doubt fly both flags.

Dive flags should be raised every time there may be the potential of boat visitors at or near a dive website. Dive boats normally show each the diver flag and the alpha flag in North America. When diving from a boat, a dive workforce needn’t carry its own dive flag offered that it stays within a predefined proximity of the dive boat. But in sports activities diving, where divers are normally free swimming, the Alpha flag doesn’t should be shown and the Coast Guard encourages the continued use of the traditional sports diver flag.

A buoy could also be used if it meets the specifications set out in the rules. The Canadian Aids to Navigation (TP 968) recognizes using the pink and white flag on a buoy, and the Private Buoy Regulations (SOR ninety nine-335) provide the specs for the buoy itself. At evening, the boat shall display three all-spherical lights in a vertical line, the best and lowest of which shall be red and the middle gentle shall be white. The purple and white diver down flag shouldn’t be acknowledged to be used on the boat. There is no such thing as a rule that forbids its use nonetheless.

A dive boat must stay close to the divers it’s tending, so it cannot simply transfer from the vicinity of the folks under the water. In lots of parts of the world, the alpha flag is acknowledged as a sign that divers are in the space, but the flag has a number of makes use of and it is advisable to fly each the alpha flag and the diver-in-the-water flag to keep away from confusion. Boats and different watercraft ought to keep properly away from dive flags ought to decrease their speed when approaching an area where a flag is visible. The precise distance varies with location – often between 50 to 300 ft of the dive flag.Dive+Flag

The diver-in-the-water flag is the properly-known red flag bisected by a white, diagonal stripe. The stripe runs from the higher left corner of the flag to the decrease proper corner. This flag is used when divers are within the water to alert boats to the opportunity of divers close to the floor. In most places, these flags needs to be lowered or faraway from the water after the divers have safely exited the water. Laws in many elements of North America requires that diver flags be flown at any time when divers are in the water, and the flag is recognized in most parts of the world.

In an excellent world, divers would at all times surface simply underneath their dive flags or very close to the dive boat. Nevertheless, it is potential that a diver might change into disoriented or have an emergency, and should surface away from the dive flag. Because of this, it is a good idea to hold an inflatable floor marker buoy at any dive website where there’s the possibility of boat site visitors. The buoy should be hooked up to a reel and ought to be inflated and sent to the surface before the diver attempts to floor. A diver surfacing removed from his dive flag or boat ought to always scan the floor of the water and pay attention for boat traffic before surfacing.

The international diving flag (often blue and white in colour) should be displayed by any vessel engaged in diving. A red and white flag carried on a buoy is used to mark areas where diving is in progress, although divers may stray from the boundaries of the marked areas. The Code of signals Flag A is regulated underneath the Non-public Buoy Rules. When encountered the operator of a pleasure craft should hold well clear at sluggish speed.

Dive flags have to be raised at any time when there may be the potential for boat site visitors at or close to a dive web site. Dive boats usually show each the diver flag and the alpha flag in North America. When diving from a boat, a dive group needn’t carry its personal dive flag provided that it stays within a predefined proximity of the dive boat. However in sports diving, where divers are usually free swimming, the Alpha flag doesn’t have to be shown and the Coast Guard encourages the continued use of the traditional sports activities diver flag.

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