2016 Virginia Tech Football Helmet Ratings

Best+Football+Helmet+To+Prevent+ConcussionsA total of fifteen football helmets earned five stars in the newest Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings ,TM a test of helmets in a laboratory atmosphere intended to measure their effectiveness in decreasing the forces that cause concussion. The harsh reality is that the threat of a concussion in football will under no circumstances fully be eliminated. Until the NOCSAE is independently funded and governed devoid of bias, the security of today’s football players will depend on league officials and their capacity to implement solutions that help to decrease the threat of a player suffering a concussion. Even though concussions continue to be a subject of conversation, quite small is being done to ensure that players fully grasp the data relating to concussions.

NOCSAE’s helmet requirements, which have remained essentially unchanged given that initially issued in 1976 and which were created to guarantee that helmets protected against skull fractures (which they do) are in the procedure of being revised to require helmets to limit particular concussion-causing forces, each linear and rotational, with its Board voting at its June 2014 meeting to issue the new requirements for public comment until June 2015, at which time, supplied there are no revisions, the board is anticipated to vote to finalize the regular and need implementation by suppliers by June 2016.

The release by Virginia Tech of its second set of STAR ratings in 2014 was met with continued criticism from NOCSAE Though applauding and encouraging the expanding analysis in the location of concussion protection for athletes, NOCSAE was as soon as once more rapid to caution coaches, shoppers, and parents that scientific proof does not help Virginia Tech’s claim that a particular helmet brand or model is far more helpful in minimizing the occurrence of concussive events,” to point out, as it had in 2013, that the STAR ratings approached the extremely broad and complicated issue of concussion protection from a narrow vantage point of linear accelerations only, and to once more remind buyers that the ratings only applied to size significant adult helmets, not to smaller adult helmets.

In 2012, in response to the Bio kinetics study, to add extra protection rewards, Riddell incorporated the Concussion Decreasing Technologies (CRT) that makes use of added energy-decreasing material to side and front head influence places in the interior design of the 360 football helmet (9, p. 58). The Riddell Inc. newsroom highlighted the protection advances in the design and style of the 360 football helmet that also incorporates strategically-placed hinge clips and a flexible facemask to lower the forces from frontal impacts and an occipital lock technique that aids keep the helmet firm and stable on the player’s head during make contact with (25).

Responding to the NOCSAE criticism, Virginia Tech continues to guarantee that its ratings would take into account rotational (e.g. twisting) acceleration as nicely, primarily based on a analysis paper published in 2013, but, as of September 2016, they do nonetheless do not. As promised new helmets had been added to the STAR ratings in Could 2014. STAR ratings for hockey helmets are slated to be published in fall 2014, which will be the initially to incorporate the new methodology like rotational acceleration, according to Duma. Duma confirmed in a J uly 2014 report in the New York Instances 12 that hockey helmet ratings would be issued in the fall or winter of 2014. STAR ratings applying the new methodology for football helmets, nonetheless, will not be issued until 2015, he told MomsTEAM.Best+Football+Helmet+To+Prevent+Concussions

Because there is no football helmet on the market that could protect against concussions, league officials should really operate with group equipment managers to assure that when selecting a football helmet players are inspecting and evaluating the helmet for proper match. The Consumer Product Security Commission recommended that the helmet really should match comfortably about the head devoid of slanting back over the top rated of the head or drawn also low more than the forehead and that the chin straps securely holds the helmet in location when a player runs or throughout impact (six).

Ratings currently based only on linear acceleration: Because the existing STAR values are primarily based solely on linear (i.e. straight-line) acceleration and do not reflect rotational (i.e. twisting) acceleration, Virginia Tech’s rating methodology has come below heavy criticism in recent years by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Gear (NOCSAE). We recommend any of the 4 or 5 star helmets for players. The certain helmet a player chooses will be dependent on other factors such as a match and comfort,” mentioned project director Stefan Duma, a professor of engineering and head of the Virginia Tech — Wake Forest College of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences.

In response to the NOCSAE criticism, Virginia Tech has continued to promise that its ratings would take into account rotational (e.g. twisting) acceleration as effectively, primarily based on a analysis paper published in 2013, but, as of September 2016, they do nevertheless do not. As in prior years, Schutt continues to hold down all 3 spots in the three-star (good) category with its Air XP, DNA-Pro+ (which inexplicably dropped from four-stars to three in 2013 see NOCSAE’s concern” about this adjust under), and the Air XP Ultralite.

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